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What a novel idea!
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I've had the pleasure of working with several video producers, directors and companies, both large and small.
I am very grateful for the experience and the doors these individuals have opened for me.
I've worked with some awesome people and I've found some film makers don't have a clue ...
Sorry, I don't mean to bad mouth anyone... Nor do I want to bite the hand that fed me.
BUT, they don't have a fucking clue about the BDSM, Fetish, S&M world.
I've had the distinct horror to be in some videos I hope Nobody ever sees.
I've had the frustrating disappointment of finally getting my copy of a video only to find they edited out the best scenes.
I scratch my head... I stomp my feet and can't figure out what the hell they were thinking.
I came to the conclusion that "it takes one to know one"
If you aren't a perv.. It's damn hard to make movies for pervs!
I dunno... Regardless of the reasons, after two years of observing and taking mental notes I have launched my own series of Bondage/S&M videos.
Dove Tales

In addition I have began a line of custom order Videos as well
The technical side will be the greatest challenge, I doubt you will find someone making videos, that understands the BDSM world better than I do.

Dove Tales - volume 1

I'm proud to offer my First Video in the "Dove Tales" series.
It's two distinct scenes that make up a full 57 minutes of play time

Scene One:
"Personal Pleasures" Is self bondage and masturbation. I tie myself into a hog-tie. Yes I can hog-tie myself. I can too..! Honest! Once I'm bound I struggle and manage to get my hands on a vibrator... ahhh, purrrfect ending

Scene Two:
"The Phone Call"
Dove is taking torturous instruction over the phone.

It includes some bondage,
gagging, wax play...
also clothes pegs and the dreaded zipper! ack!

Not to mention some
very hot masturbation
scenes with a
flaming candle.

Free Dove Tales sample clips coming soon:

All this hot action in one great video!
Dove Tales - volume 1
USA orders, $25.00 plus $4.00 shipping
International orders, $9.00 shipping (videos are in VHS format - not PAL)

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