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From: "mstrdan
To: [email protected]
Subject: video review: "Dove Tales Vol 1"

A few weeks ago I noticed dovey online on yahoo messenger and IMed her. She was about to leave for Las Vegas, but took time for a fairly lengthy chat about lifestyle matters, play, preferences, etc. I also asked her about her videos, and which of them might align most closely with my own particular pervyness. She gave me a good deal of feedback on this, and I decided to order her "Dove Tales" vid.

Very promptly dovey emailed me to confirms my order was recieved and would be shipped (by her personally) the next day. It wound up arriving on Valentine's day, which was a nice touch. I had a dinner date with my own submissive, but took time for a quick look at dovey's vid first.

The video is in two parts, both showing dovey in solo action, under the direction of an offscreen Dom. I actually found this interesting, since Ive done a bit of email/chat/phone play and training. The first part is some selfbondage and stimulation. Rope work is something I have "uneven" skills in. I do some nice breast bondage, and have one or two other knots I put to good use, but by watching closely as dove did her selfbondage I could see exactly how she was routing the ropes, and I picked up some useful tips.

The second part of the vid shows some SM play, involving a realistic depiction of a phone directed torture scene (If he "wasn't really there" on the phone, it was good enough to fool me!). Content included clover clamps on the nipples, which made me think of dove's recent post about her craving for nipple pain. Hot wax copiously poured over clothespin spread pussy. And a "big finish" when the CPs come off the pussy lips in a dramatic and painful "zipper"! Dovey is quite convincing as she pleads for mercy around her ball gag when given the zipper order, but in the end he shows no mercy and she takes it like a good girl. All through this part of the video her reactions to the tortures are quite convincing and genuine.

I enjoyed this video a lot, and expect I will want some of the others we chatted about. Particularly of interest, when it becomes available, is the one made in England.

My only criticism really, and maybe it was just me having a flaky day, was that when I went to order the video thru her web page, I had a devil of a time navigating my way into the area where I could order this vid. Maybe just some dumb obvious mistake on my part, but I tried at length on two seperate days before I finally somehow stumbled my way into the proper area to place this order.

Master D

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