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Please, be very detailed as far as what your exact interest is.
- Feet - Bondage - Corporal Punishment - Hair Pulling - Mummification -
Does fear get you off, that poor little damsel in distress?
Or is it the wanton desire of a bondage slut begging to cum?
As you know the list could go on forever!

Please tell me what "types" of things you like to hear and see.
If swear words turn you on...
or if you hate them coming out of a ladies mouth, be sure to mention it.

Do not give me a ton of lines that MUST be repeated word for word
(doing this will make our video come across rehearsed and not natural)
I really get into my videos, being able to respond naturally rather than
trying to remember dialogue will make real.
When I get totally into your character you will be able to tell.. I think you'll love the end results.
My Custom videos are amateur,
but I also think they are far superior than many BDSM videos on the market today
(which is one reason why I started producing my own)
If your into real life amateur videos, then your in the right place.
I'm good, but am not a professional actress.
Please don't expect my custom's to be nominee's for any Academy Awards, I'll do the
absolute best I can to portray your fantasy.
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