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Unlike Paypussy OOPS I mean Pal, StromPay does not censor your adult purchases.

StormPay FACTS and FAQ.

  • No credit card needed - StormPay offers funding by 900 Pay (telephone billing), and money order funding.
  • You may also fund your account by using credit card, online check, e-gold transfers, and a variety of other choices.
  • Select the funding method which is right for you.
  • Subscription payments can only be cancelled by the payer of the subscription.
  • The recipient cannot cancel the subscription.
  • To view or cancel subscription payments, log into your StormPay account and click the Subscriptions link on the account overview page

I need a receipt for a payment, What can I do?

  • If you login to stormpay and click your history, then look for the transaction that you need the receipt for, just click the ID# that is associated with it.
  • This serves as your receipt.

I am not from the United States, can I join and use Stormpay services?

  • Absolutely! We accept members from any country in the world.

I signed up but never received a confirmation email, can you resend it.

  • You can do this.
  • Attempt to log into your account.
  • Since it is pending, there will be a link to resend the activation email.
  • If the log in doesnt work, most likely you mistyped your email address and will need to register again with the correct email address.

How do I cancel a subscription that I am paying?

  • Just login to Stormpay and click the subscriptions link.
  • You can cancel any that you have from there.

For more information go to the StormPay site

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