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If a tree falls in the Forest and there is no one to hear, does it make a sound?
That was my reply to a friend's question regarding my life as a submissive woman without a Master... *soft smile*
Yes, it makes a sound.
And yes, I am submissive, regardless if I have a Master I serve.. or not. I'm the type of woman that "pans for gold". That's the only way I can word
it. In my life I sift through the ups and downs and gather the nuggets of gold and discarding the worthless.
Indeed I long for the domination of a Master I respect and adore.
But, for crying out loud.. my life will not be on hold until that day.
( as Joan Rivers would say..."Grow up" *giggling* )
So, for all you kind Doms out there and those of you that have visions of the perfect bondage scenario... I am at your service. I would love to take your photo shoot request and fulfill them to your specifications.
Inside the members area there is a "Whip her ass" section where you can make your request for me.. slave dove, to fulfill.

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Keds Gallery- A "Whip Her Ass" Request

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Cheerleader Gallery - Another "Whip Her Ass" Request