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                                                      "Inside Dove".
I promised you "The real me"
Inside Dove is my journal, I add to it at will... my thoughts, what I did yesterday or plan to do tonight. I'll tell you about my latest adventures, victory or failure. I write from my heart... broken or soaring. I know when you read my journal (good, bad or in-between) you will be able
to "taste" me.

Date: Saturday January 29, 2000
"There is another Play Party tonight. I will be the subject of another piercing scene
I'm nervous..."

Date: Wednesday January 26, 2000 "knocking off early to go the some dang Opera with Lexus tonight. Now I'm not an opera fan... Lexie is just to damn smart, when she invited me she said something about the story of a "British" guy sailing around the
world, her voice stressing "British" that little bitch knows I have a MAJOR accent fetish!!
She knows damn well... it's just not playing fair. I never heard opera... I heard a British guy!!"

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