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Boiling Point - Gotham Gold
Staring:  Mistress Systine ,  Slave Dove ,  Carly Sparks ,  Rick Mauro
Mistress Systine proves once again that she is one of most dominant
of deviants as she works over three slaves at once,
turning them against each other in an orgy of demonic delights!
Her cruel use of clothespins is on display as she makes her charges squirm with pain and passion!

Struggle in Bondage  - Gotham Gold
Staring: Slave Dove,  Tawni Lyons
Dove is dressed in a tight, bright corset and black stockings and stilettos. She is subjected to the spreader, which nearly splits her in half! Then she is bent over and locked in the stocks. She struggles so hard that she rips her stockings to shreds in a vain attempt at freedom. The we find the lovely blonde Tawni all bound and gagged, her large, round tits are peeking out of her dress like two huge mushroom that are going to burst. She is also gagged to muffle her screams for help as she struggles against her restraints. 

Paranoid - Gotham Gold 
Staring: Master Armondo, Slave Dove, Mistress Dyne
Master and Mistress join forces to totally humiliate an innocent couple. Mistress Dyne uses a riding crop like a jockey on her helpless man-slave, pinning his cock and balls with clothespins until he screams for mercy! Master Armondo has a young lovely piece of ass (Dove) that he abuses to the max.  He rips open her pantyhose to expose her pink pussy which he punishes with a riding crop. His helpless victim cannot scream, because of the ball gag that He has wedged between her teeth. Mistress Dyne joins the fun by applying clothespins to Dove's swollen tits making her swoon from the agony and ecstasy!

Master of Dominance 6 - Gotham Gold
Best of (compilation) 
Staring: Master Anton Fury, Grand Master Daniel Kane, Slave Dove, Mistress Dyne, Master Armondo, and others!   A collection of the cruelest, most brutal and depraved scenes we have ever seen on video. Watch with horror and fascination as the very best Masters in the business work their helpless victims over without a shred of decency or mercy!


No Way Out - Gotham Gold
Staring: Slave Dove,  Mistress Systine , Carly Sparks,  Rick Mauro
Slave Dove is dominated with erotic cruelty as Mistress Systine spreads and punishes Dove's pussy with clothespins and paddles. Carly's ass is beaten red as she begs for her Mistress to stop. Rick is in deep shit& After being lured into the dungeon of Mistress Sistine, he is handcuffed and suspended like a side of beef, Mistress Sistine works him over until his flesh is tender and tortures his cock beyond the limits of endurance and pain.

Best of Struggle in Bondage 3 - Gotham Gold

Best of (compilation) 
Staring: Slave Dove, Tawni, Alisin Chains, Kaylee, Annie Ander Sinn
All-star cast of the hottest struggle stars are assembled here for your enjoyment.
Watch as they are put though their paces with a wide assortment of exotic and erotic restraints that test the limits of pain and pleasure for these very hot superstars

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