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A Private party at The Castle

The Mad Doctor arranged by special request to take pjotos of me in Castle Lord's cage. Ahhhhh.... I love the feeling that comes over me as I step inside and "feel" the door being closed and locked.

I love cages!
I love cages!
I love cages!
I love cages!
I love cages!


MD leaned closer to the cage and whispered "kiss me" I nearly cried with gratitude.. did he read my mind or see it in my eyes. I pressed my gagged mouth to the bars of the cage and strained to kiss him. He pulled away, taunting me, making my desire even more desperate....

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It's so sensual and I'm baptized with an erotic wave of feelings. 30 seconds into it and I don't care what anyone thinks.. yeah, I guess I'm "modeling"... but I really don't feel that way... Something happens and I'm set free to express how the cage (or ropes etc) make me feel. I don't feel like I'm modeling anymore.. my poses are an expression of how I feel.

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