"Dovey is indeed an exotic erotic steaming work of art in her own right!" - Bondage Times

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How To Submit your Original Art or Bondage/Fetish Photographs
I would love to display your original erotic fetish art or  pictures on my pages. (Traditional or digital) If you desire to submit your drawings or bondage photographs here are a few guidelines I would like you to follow.

* Send only your own work.
* Art and Photo Guidelines:
  • If it excites me or pleases me, I post it. *S*
  • If I think it will excite or please my members, I will post it. *S*
  • If it's on a zillion other websites, I'll pass. *S*

* Original artwork remains the copyright of the artist -- you. You are only giving me the right to display your artwork or photo for however long you wish it to be displayed.
*If your artwork is derived from an image copyrighted by this site, this
site retains the rights.
* Be aware that if you contribute art or photos they will be posted in the member area and only a sample may appear in the tour section.

* Transmit only one art piece or photo per email.
* Do not transmit images larger than 200K. (bondage photos should be reduced to no larger than 640X 480 pixels)
* Do not send "zipped" files.
* In the same email with the art or photo, give specific written instructions as to what nickname or name you want presented with the piece.
* In the same email with the art or photo, state whether you want your email address presented with the art or photo.
* If you do not give me instructions with the art or photo, your art or photo will be credited as "anonymous" or I'll make up a goofy nickname for you.
* Send to [email protected]
* This gallery area is updated approximately once every month or 2, so if you send me something and you don't hear back for awhile, please be patient.

Slave Dove